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Meet the crew! Marty's Landing and Mama's Kitchen are family owned and operated businesses. Marty, his Mama Rose, and his son Matt are Texas natives and long-time Residents of Port O'Connor. If you want to know the local scoop... talk to the crew.
Owner & Charter Captain 
Mama Rose
Owner & Inspiration

    Meet Martin (Marty) Medford. Captain Marty has over 30 years experience fishing the Port O'Connor jetties and surrounding areas with over 20 years experience as a professional fishing guide here in Port O'Connor. In that time Captain Marty has made well over 3500 successfull trips and earned over 10,000 satisfied customers.

    Jetty fishing is Captain Marty's speciality. As a professional fishing guide Captain Marty perfers jetty fishing because the fish tend to be larger, and you tend to find a wider variety of both offshore and inshore species. Captain Marty is a family friendly fishing guide who loves helping people of all ages and skill levels catch their "fish of a lifetime". 

Captain & Deck Hand


    Captain Matt (Matthew Medford) is Captain Marty's son and first mate for the past 10 years. Matt has been fishing in the Port O Connor and the jetties for his entire life. Gaining the wealth of fishing knowledge of the jetties from his father at the age of 21 became a Captain himself. 

    Being first mate for his father for more then 10 years and with 20 years plus fishing experience himself, he enjoys teaching and helping any and all learn how to fish at the jetties. Captain Marty has instilled the idea of serivce to others in Capatin Matt, on guide trips the intention is to be safe, have fun, and try put them on a "fish of a lifetime."

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